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Mission Statement 

    Statement of Values and Ethos

Be Ready, Be respectful, Be safe, Be resilient

In any organisation – be it a school, a company, or even a family – strong and clearly expressed values create identity, focus, unity and drive, answering the questions:


What do we belong to?  What is important to us? What holds us together? Why do our collective efforts matter?


At Higher Openshaw Community School , our core values help us to make decisions from day-to-day that mean we behave and perform better, inspiring us to try harder as individuals, so that collectively we thrive.

The four core values that our school is built on underpin all we do.

At Higher Openshaw Community School all of our stakeholders (pupils, parents, staff and governors) share the same values and ethos and always strive to work towards the same aims.


‘We are a learning community aiming for high standards of achievement in a purposeful, challenging, stimulating and inclusive environment.’


Our Aims:


  • To provide every member of the school community with the best possible opportunities to develop personally and professionally. 
  • To continually develop and sustain a broad and balanced curriculum that is enriched with engaging activities and opportunities to enhance learning for every pupil. This should enable each child to achieve their full potential intellectually, physically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally.


Our Vision is:


  • That Higher Openshaw Community School will become an outstanding school.
  • To provide an excellent education for every pupil in terms of learning environment and curriculum.
  • That every pupil will set themselves the highest standards, aiming to reach their greatest potential. All staff and parents will share these high expectations.
  • To develop a caring community where we have concern for others and demonstrate respect for each other.
  • To involve parents and carers in all aspects of the educational process so that they are consulted, informed and feel valued.
  • To establish an outward looking community that understands its place locally, nationally and internationally and that all pupils have an understanding of British Values and are prepared for a life in modern Britain.
  • To provide a clear health and well-being agenda across the school, including a focus on healthy eating and mental health.


At Higher Openshaw Community School we recognise that each child is unique and we are committed to helping every pupil succeed, whatever their background or ability. We want to create a safe, happy and supportive atmosphere for all our children.


School expectations:


We expect our pupils:

  • To work hard and demonstrate good behaviour in lessons and at home.
  • To develop high standards of tolerance and respect. They should also avoid ethnic, religious, social and sexual stereotyping.
  • To have high expectations of themselves so that they can reach their full potential.
  • Be ready to learn
  • Be respectful
  • Be safe

At higher Openshaw Community School 

  • We take care of ourselves - Be Respectful
  • We take care of each other - Be Safe
  • We take care of our school - Be ready to Learn
  • We take care of our community -Be resilient